SEADS IVZW (Space Ecologies Art and Design)

SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design) is an international transdisciplinary network of artists, scientists, engineers and activists. We reimagine and reshape the future through critical inquiry and hands-on experimentation. To achieve this, SEADS develops paradigm-shifting projects in which ecology, technology and community are radically integrated in unique ways.

SEADS was initiated in 2009 by Angelo Vermeulen (and Tine Holvoet), later joined by Diego Maranan and Pieter Steyaert. Since its inception, SEADS created more than 30 Biomodd and Seeker art projects, together with local communities in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Besides Biomodd and Seeker, its most well-known projects, the SEADS collective has initiated many other projects such as H4aC, Orahory, Haplós, the Merapi Terraforming Project and the Biodiversity Tower. SEADS members already co-created with over a thousand people worldwide, questioning and prototyping the future together.

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